The International English Speaking Lodge in the Algarve

R.·.L.·. Pace et Harmonium nº.96

a Oriente de Silves

"To enlarge the sphere of social happiness is worthy of the benevolent design of a Masonic institution; and it is most fervently to be wished, that the conduct of every member of the fraternity, as well as those publications, that discover the principles which actuate them, may tend to convince mankind that the grand object of Masonry is to promote the happiness of the human race."
Br:. George Washington

About us

Pace et Harmonium is a multi-national English speaking Lodge, founded in October 2012, under the Grande Loja Legal de Portugal / GRLP, practicing the Emulation Ritual.
The Lodge meets at the Hotel Jardim do Vau in Portimão. Regular Lodge meetings are held on the first Tuesday in the months of October, November, December, February, March and April.
Lodge of Instruction is held on a Tuesday evening from September through to April.


The three great principles by which we operate are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. Freemasons are taught to practice charity and assistance, not only for themselves but also for the community as a whole. From its earliest days, Freemasonry has been concerned with taking care of those in need. This work still continues today.

Since more than a decade Pace et Harmonium have organised the ‘Fred Hurley Golf Day’ each December in memory of this Masonic brother in aid of his favourite Charity ‘Riding for the Disabled’ at Barlavento, Lagos.

Every year in December, Friends of the late Fred Hurley, a well-known and respected Financial Advisor on the Algarve, will hold the  ‘Fred Hurley Memorial Golf Day’ at Boavista Golf Resort, Lagos. The proceeds of the day are in aid of Riding for the Disabled of which Fred was a fervent supporter.

The Riding for Disabled Barlavento (Associação de Equitação Adaptada Barlavento) is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation dedicated to making a real and lasting difference to the lives of disabled people, enabling them to ride in order to improve their health and well-being and to achieve new goals. For more information about the organisation please go to

The format of the day is 18 holes of Golf (Pairs Betterball-Stableford) shotgun start.

Costs: € 65 per player, with buggy including Lunch and prizes.
All enquiries should be directed to Ian Galloway

Upcoming Events & Socials

Like every Masonic Lodge worldwide our Lodge hosts various public events & socials. Just get in contact with us to communicate Your interest and join us for an enjoyable and relaxed afternoon or evening. 

Next to our common events and socials, our Lodge also hosts our special monthly 

Druids Lunches

In 2020/21 all meetings were banned due to the Covid restrictions including Masonic Lodge meetings, so our Chaplain Bro. Roy organised informal lunch meetings so that Brethren could keep in touch. The Grand Lodge of Portugal also decreed that the word Masonry should not be used for any gathering of Brethren so, as the first attendants were David Guildford, RUI (Portugese for Roy), David Steadman, and Steve Dackcombe, it was decided to call them Druids Lunches.

They proved so popular that, after the Covid restrictions were removed, Roy was asked to continue the lunches which have the benefit of enabling Brethren to meet up informally, get to know each other better and to invite friends.

Lunches are normally organised on Saturdays for the benefit of the working Brethren and guests, but with the occasional one on other days for the golfing Brethren who seem to always have weekend tournaments.

As dates or venues may sometimes change for organisational reasons, please revisit our site regularily to keep updated about the latest dates, venues and plannings and place Your RVSP for optimal plannings.

No Events

Grande Loja Legal de Portugal / GLRP

The R.·.L.·. Pace et Harmonium nº.96 a Oriente de Silves is working under the obedience of the Grande Loja Legal de Portugal / Grande Loja Regular de Portugal (GLLP / GLRP).

The Grand Lodge of Portugal / Grande Lodge Regular de Portugal is the only Portuguese Masonic organisation internationally recognised as Regular. Regular Freemasonry was institutionalised from 1717. On that date four London Masonic Lodges constituted the Premier Grand Lodge

Rites and Rituals:

There are different rituals practiced by various Masonic rites. Starting from the early English rituals, over time and space, new rituals were created. The base is always the same: the Masonic principles and the inclusion of allegories and symbolic references, as the basis for individual work of each Freemason. 

In Portugal, Grande Loja Legal de Portugal / GLRP, practice the following rites / rituals: 

  • Scottish Rite Rectified
  • York Rite
  • Adonhiramita Rite
  • Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
  • Emulation Ritual
  • Portuguese Rite

Contact GLLP / GLRP:

Grande Loja Legal de Portugal / GLRP

Estrada de Telheiras, 102
Quinta de Sant’ana
1600–771 Lisboa

Grand Secretary:
Telephone: 218 470 903 / 218 470 904
Fax: 218 470 905

Contact the Press Officer:

How to become a Freemason?

In a nutshell: 2B1ASK1, which means, “To be a Mason you have to ask a Mason.” … 

The Grand Lodge of Portugal currently has more than 3,300 members spread over 155 lodges working different Masonic Rites: Ancient and Accepted Scottish, Emulation, York, Rectified Scottish, Adonhiramite. Being part of Freemasonry implies an analysis process that, in case of success, will end with the initiation of the candidate.


Entry into Freemasonry is based on a free, individual and responsible decision. Freemasonry does not proselytise in any way, therefore any application should emanate from the will and conviction of the applicant.

The Grand Lodge of Portugal / Grand Lodge Regular of Portugal is an institution open to all who are interested in knowing a little more about Freemasonry, either out of curiosity or because they are considering applying for admission. We consider it highly recommended to have sufficient knowledge of the principles and purposes of Freemasonry to be able to make a free and informed decision.

Requirements to be a Freemason:

  • To be a FREE person, because the request for initiation into Freemasonry should be a consequence of the innate individual freedom, away from any pressure, influence, dependency or circumstance that restricts it.
  • To be a person OF GOOD COSTUMS, that is to say, trustworthy, honest in private life, in the way he works and of good reputation.
  • To believe in the creative principle, which the Freemasons, always respecting the freedom of the individual before any particular belief, point out as the GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE.
  • In addition, to be a member it is necessary to be male, over 21 years old, without distinction of nationality, social group or religion, have a minimum capacity to understand the philosophical concepts of the Order.

Entrance procedure:

An applicant must be recommended by a member of a Lodge, or apply directly to the Grand Lodge ( for further entry information, which will be forwarded to a Lodge that will make the enquiry process.

If You don’t know a member of a Lodge in person for sure You can get to know us. Like every Masonic Lodge worldwide our Lodge hosts various public events & socials as listed in the “Upcoming Events & Socials” section above. Just get in contact with us to communicate Your interest and join us for an enjoyable and relaxed afternoon or evening. As being a Freemason also means joining both our regular meetings as well as our Lodges of Instruction as often as possible, it is advantageous to live in the Portimão area, or at least in the Algarve.

Some basic principles to be accepted into the Order:

  • Have available time to participate in the sessions and the “life” of obedience.
  • Have an ethical coherence with their ideals inside and outside the Order.
  • Want to work for moral progress, reason, justice, tolerance, love of neighbour and a right conscience.
  • Assume the commitment to the Order and its members in the study, assimilation and deepening of the principles, values and ancestral uses of Freemasonry, in order to make effective the initiatic legacy that is transmitted to them.
  • Not to have as a motive for candidacy any kind of intention in directly or indirectly obtaining material or any other type of advantage, other than spiritual.

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Contact Us

Contact Information:


Br:. John Gilbert
Tel: (+351) 282 401 938

Our Lodge is meeting at the:

Hotel Jardim do Vau,
Praia do Vau
8500-820 Portimão,

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